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Dog Face maker and Changer Pro

Entwickler RZTech

Dogs Face Changer is a photo editor specifically made for those moments where you need to let your inner animal Dogsout.This app is made for all the people out there who have a bit of a... wild side.
Included are a handpicked selection of real animal and dog stickers to place over your photos, custom hand drawn frames in various different styles, and finally a nice selection of filters to basically make unlimited possibilities for creativity.
We even included an Eraser and Draw tool to either blend your face into the animals or dogs, or have objects in front of the stickers, to give it that extra realistic vibe.
Thanks to all the Tumblr photographers and photo editors that inspired this app, we hope you enjoy it!
Have you ever been told that you are equal to a dog? That looks like a dog? But you never know exactly which race looks like. This application is really useful for you, you can discover to be a cuddly puppy or a wolf. You have a friend who barks when he talks too much? Scattale a photo with this application and made ​​a laugh! The best application for teasing friends, from the creators of the worldwide hits "your face before you die", "decrepit old woman", "find your look-alike." The first one that makes a face like a dog and you share on facebook, arousing the envy of all your friends.After trying this application does not stop doing woof, woof woof, hav hav, gav gav, guav.Whats your Spirit AnimalYou will go around in packs, masticherai bones and tennis balls, you will poop and pee on the street and friends will tell you that you're a bastard.Some breeds of dogs in the game: boxer, bulldog, collie, cocker, Dalmatian, Doberman, Labrador, German shepherd, Pekingese, Rottweiler, samoeido, Saint Bernard, schnauzer, english setter, shis tzu, siberian husky, Newfoundland, Yorkshire Terrier, Great Dane , poodle, dachshund, beagle, bobtail, border collie.Have fun
Animal Dog Face Changer is made for those moments where you need to let your inner animal out.This is a best photo editing app that let you choose animal head from its collection and replace with any character in photo .When you select any animal head it automatically place over the one of the character in photo using face detection it also let you change size and position of head using just one finger.feature:1. Automatic face detection and animal head placement.2. Adjust Sticker using one finger like zooming,displacing ,deleting etc3. Lots of sticker of animal ,goggle,text images etc4. Lots of photo editing option and photo effect.5. Share with your friend on any social networking site.